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Namo Buddhaya!

What is Thawathinsa Yathra?

In one of the Bodhisatta lives of our Gautama Supreme Buddha, he practised the four divine abodes (Brahma Viharana) of boundless Metta, Mudita, Karuna & Upekkha, while observing noble rites of unparalleled virtue. The righteous effort to develop virtue, observe noble rites, accumulate merits to fulfill this world as well as the life after and to be born in the heavenly realms of virtuous beings is known as Thawathinsa Yathra…

What are these Noble Rites?

  • For as long as I live, I vow to treat and look after my parents.

  • For as long as I live, I vow to treat elders with respect.

  • For as long as I live, I vow to use words that are pleasant to others.

  • For as long as I live, I vow to never use slander that will disrupt the harmony between others.

  • For as long as I live, I vow to be generous and without greed in my giving.

  • For as long as I live, I vow to speak truthful words.

  • For as long as I live, I vow to live without anger, and with a heart filled with loving kindness towards others.


What are the objectives of Thawathinsa Yathra Youth Organisation?

  • Clean, care for the sick, provide food and beverages and perform other benevolent work in age-care centres, hospitals, and disability centres.

  • Well train the youth to treat and respect parents, teachers, and elders through developing spiritual noble qualities.

  • Organise special educational programs about personal and spiritual development, social cohesion, spreading peace and becoming an integral part of a good family and society.

  • Organise activities that educate youths about the calamities from drugs and alcohol.

  • Organise volunteer-based welfare programs for the relief of poverty and distress through various charitable, philanthropic, benevolent and humanitarian work devoid of discrimination based on race, age, religion or any other criteria.

  • Arrange tree planting projects geared towards environment conservation.

  • To do all things necessary and incidental to achieving the above objectives.

Meritorious Activities & Community Work

Conducted by Thawathinsa Yathra Youth Organisation