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How much do you love your children?

You always try to provide the best comfort to your children and uplift their talents and provide the best education for them. Have you ever thought how to cultivate the human qualities and good values and habits in them?
If we are to give this invaluable gift to our children, it is paramount that they become well conversant with the dhamma and incorporate the Buddha’s teachings to their daily lives.
Sunday Dhamma School which is conducted for children provides the younger members of the Buddhists community the opportunity to learn meditation techniques, cultivate good values, be compassionate and spread loving kindness. As a parent, you will be pleased to see that your child develop spiritually and cultivate a positive mind and be happy forever. Make a determination from today that you get them participate in every Dhamma Program organized for children by Mahamevnawa and be a happy mum or dad…

We’re About The Young Children…

Dhamma Education

All the facilities have been provided from the Mahamevnawa monastery in Melbourne to give a pure Dhamma education for our dearest children. Dhamma handouts are provided without a cost. This Dhamma education is held with the pure and noble intention of providing virtuous; upright people into the society.

Nurturing of values and qualities

For the creation of an upright, valuable, praiseworthy future generation, the Melbourne Mahamevnawa monastery has arranged a programme which runs throughout the year, to deliver a group of children with great qualities and values to the society.

A great opportunity to collect merits

This Dhamma education has offered many opportunities for the children who acquire Dhamma education at Mahamevnawa Sunday Dhamma School to collect merits in their lives and live happily and peacefully. In the yearly calendar, three days have been reserved for the ‘Sangika Dana’ on behalf of the children.

Community service

The Mahamevnawa monastery Melbourne gives the children a great opportunity in participating many community services such as Tree planting programs, Clean up Australia Day activities, Donating dry rations and the necessary items for the families of disabled children at the ‘Ronald McDonald House’ by their own hands.

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The objective of the Sunday Dhamma School is to deliver a group of children who have the qualities which are embraced within a child disciple of the Supreme Buddha.