Ronald McDonald House Food Drive – 04/01/14

At the Mahamevnawa Meditation Centre in Narre Warren, the youth group attends a sutta class where Supreme Buddha’s invaluable teachings are explained with clarity. During these Dhamma lessons we have learnt about the benefits of almsgiving and how hard it is to let go of our belongings for the happiness and wellbeing of others. Focusing on this, Mahamevnawa Meditation Centre had organised a food drive and a trip to the Ronald Macdonald House for the youth group. Initially we were given a list of food and we were to collect them from our friends and family. Our challenge had begun over the course of three weeks we had collected an impressive amount of food for our donation.

In the morning of the 4th of January we met at the temple to sort out and pack all the food we had collected. It was good fun to work together for a worthy cause. We were all very excited to see what we had planned coming alive by the minute. By the end of the packing we had made a remarkable number of 30 boxes and the remainder of the food into two other boxes. At this point we were reminded by our swaminwahanse about the Sathpurusha sutta, a sutta that we had discussed earlier on in our program. He explained to us the importance of giving something that is well presented and not to donate something just for the sake of donating. After these wise words, we spent a little more time decorating the boxes with small creations that we handcrafted. It was a joy seeing all the boxes lined up beautifully decorated.

Devoted to providing a ‘home away from home’ for families with an extremely ill child undergoing paediatric care at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, Parkville, was established in 1986. The Parkville house is one of the largest of the 13 Ronald McDonald Houses functioning in Australia. Since opening its doors the House has delivered a ‘soft place to land’ for about 488,000 guests.

Once we had arrived we were given a brief introduction about the history and the charities the Ronald McDonald house was associated with. We were also given a tour around the houses and some of us got the opportunity to talk to some of the little residents there. After that, the fifteen of us were split into different groups and were assigned some light tasks to prepare and ready a batch of newsletters for distribution. The satisfaction of what we had achieved was immense.

The manager and the volunteers of Ronald McDonald House were extremely grateful for the support that we had shown and in return we were grateful for them for allowing us to collect some treasurable merits for our lives.

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