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Project Description

flood relief-2016

“Kindness is the melting of one’s heart upon seeing the sorrow of another”

The devastating floods, landslides and extreme weather conditions that severely affected Sri Lanka a few months ago left many Sri Lankans in dire need of aid. May this serve as a reminder of the merits you accumulated by joining hands with Mahamevnawa Meditation Centre – Melbourne to help rebuild the lives of helpless victims.

Under the mentoring and guidance of our most Venerable Chief Thero, Mahamevnawa Monasteries, Shraddha Media Network and other organisations affiliated to Mahamevnawa launched a series of flood relief projects to assist the victims of this unfortunate situation.

Your monetary and material contributions, which were distributed amongst the affected villagers in Mulatiyana and Pitabaddara, played a major role in making this project a real success.

May you all rejoice in the merits accumulated by these meritorious activities! May all devas protect you! May you all be privileged to realise the ultimate happiness in Gautama Supreme Buddha’s Dispensation itself!


May the Noble Triple Gem bless you!