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Project Description

Clean Up Australia Day

TThe living beings rely on their environment to extract an immeasurable amount of resources to sustain their life on earth. Human beings, in particular, seem to exploit their surroundings and environment at will, with minimum or no regard to the consequences of their actions.

Importantly, the environment in which we live offers us all of its reserves, designs, and glory unconditionally without expecting anything in return. Yet, we, the human beings, typically act as if we fail to understand the seriousness of our behavioral patterns on the environment. This leads to violation of natural cycles that renew and recycle materials and enable sustained maintenance of living beings on earth.

On 2 March, Melbourne Mahamevnawa Buddhist Meditation Centre volunteers participated in Clean Up Australia Day activities at Lysterfield National Park, Narre Warren North, Victoria. The site was officially registered (site no: 46523) and allocated to MMBMC with specific instructions and responsibilities. At the start of the days’ work, Reverend monk explained the importance of taking part in planned activities according to teachings of Lord Buddha. Consequently, with a greater sense of purpose and vigor, the picnic areas and the surroundings were thoroughly cleared of litter. These in bags were left in nominated collection points at the main gate of Lysterfield National Park for collection on the following day by designated waste disposal and recycling trucks.

MMBMC gratefully acknowledge the support and assistance extended to us by Parks Victoria and City of Casey to make this event a success. We respectfully share all the merits collected during conceptualizing, organizing and completing Clean Up Day activities with everyone involved and who appreciate such endeavors.