Australian National Tree Day – 13 July 2014

“One who plants trees, builds bridges and crossovers, constructs resting cabins and ponds, donates houses and shelters for public use collects merits day and night, every day” Supreme Gautama Buddha (Vanaropa Sutta, SN-1)

National Tree Day is Australia’s biggest community-based tree-planting and nature care event. Co-ordinated by Planet Ark, this is a special day for all Australians to help out by planting and caring for native trees and shrubs to improve the environment in which they live. National Tree Day started in 1996 and since then more than 2.8 million people have planted 20 million seedlings (Source: Planet Ark)

To coincide with Australian National Tree Day 2014, residing monks and lay devotees of Melbourne Mahamevnawa Buddhist Meditation Centre planted 5,500 native trees in Essex Reserve, Endeavour Hills, Victoria. This meritorious project was conducted on 13 July in association with City of Casey. This event was attended by more than 170 volunteers.

The participants were mindful of the task at hand throughout the effort and collected valuable merits by participating in the event in a caring, calm and peaceful manner. The City of Casey officials were particularly appreciative of the discipline, sense of purpose, efficiency and productivity of the participants who managed to complete the task well within four hours.

MMBMC gratefully acknowledge the support and assistance extended to us by Parks Victoria and City of Casey to make this event a success. We respectfully share all the merits collected during conceptualizing, organizing and completing National Tree Day activities with everyone involved and who appreciate such endeavours.

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